International customer? No problem!

At Arbrexperts our team is fully trained to be able to answer all of your inquiries in French and English. All of our surveys and reports can be supplied in English if required by the client.
Arbrexperts provide a wide range of services related to urban trees:

  • Tree survey, health and safety diagnosis from the ground and arial (VTA method)
  • Inspection of the internal state of the base of the tree using sonic and electric tomographs PICUS
  • Surveys establishment and tree heritage management plans
  • Legal problems management related to ornamental trees
  • Monitoring trees vitality and health on building sites
  • Non-invasive root system inspection using compressed air AIR SPADE
  • Recommendations on further care to hand out

We provide free quotations for all our work in which the total price will be attached. This is to ensure full transparency and to avoid any unexpected expenses for our customers. Feel free to contact us through our contact form.

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